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A microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, programmable input/output peripherals, timer/counter, serial communication, analog to digital converters and interrupts. The usage of microcontrollers in systems ranging from toys to sophisticated scientific instruments can be seen.

In any microcontroller based system, both hardware and software solutions, by definition, must coexist. None of the hardware peripherals could run without at least some software to tell them what to do and when. Likewise, the software couldn’t exist without hardware to run it on.

Automation is a technology that uses programmed commands to operate given process. We can see automation in various applications likes toys, customized personal products, home appliances, industrial equipments, aerospace control panel, military equipments and medical instruments.  Wide ranges of microcontrollers are used in these application areas and together with the programs to control they constitute embedded systems.

Robotics is an emerging branch of modern scientific advancements involving specialized people from varied areas of engineering and Technology. It has grown enough to find place in most of the technical institutes of which JIIT is also a contributor.

Robotics is the science of using a machine (a robot) to perform repeated and hazardous task without human intervention. It is a diversified field of technology which combines computer science, electronics, biotechnology, avionics and several other fields to create programmable automation. Robots are all around us in our daily lives. A life without the services they render us will be a life of dire hardship.

Robotics has grown to great proportions globally. The recent neuroArm medical robot made it into history’s books after successfully assisting doctors perform delicate brain surgery to remove an egg-sized cancer tumor is evidence to its growing importance. However, while the world is making great advances in it, India is lagging behind due to proper funding in this research area. So we here at JIIT, Noida have taken the initiative to spread the technical awareness about robotics that just building humanoid-like applications can not be considered as the purpose of robotics but  focusing on building low-cost and small automated applications which comfortably solve our diurnal problem is equally important.

The Microcontroller Based System and Robotics Hub of JIIT conduct various workshops and lectures on automation and robotics specifically designed for students in both ODD and EVEN semester. 

In ODD semester we mainly concentrate on the first year students. To develop interest in this hub we start with manual robotic lectures and workshops. Two major competitions will be conducted with attractive prizes. In EVEN semester we mainly concentrate on the second year students. We introduce with automation and robotics using 8-bit microcontrollers. Lecture and workshop will be conducted based on Arduino board with various sensors and actuators. 

We have a team of skilled mentors from both third and fourth year who have proved their mettle at many Robotics events held at many esteemed colleges of India including IITs, DCE, and NSIT etc. We have experience of conducting workshops and organizing events during college fests. The main aim of the cell is to enrich the technical ability of the students and learn modern technology and advance towards them. This cell helps in building teamwork capacity, leader capacity and many more issues. 

Throughout the academic year, the µCR Hub has been engaged in various activities concerned with the development and growth of students in fields related to robotics. The management team for the years has made great efforts in organizing workshops and competitions for the students of JIIT and promoted participation in various robotics events all across our country. Key highlights of the years are workshops on manual and autonomous robotics. Participation in robotics events held outside the college was also quite fruitful most of the time ; several teams of students from JIIT, under the guidance of the µCR Hub, won awards for their excellent performance.

Recent activities are updated in www.facebook.com/uCR.jiit

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Dr. Hema N, CSE Dept.

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