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M.Tech. in Microelectronics & Embedded Technology (MET) is a four semester programme designed to provide electronics engineers with highly specialized knowledge and experience as they need to design, fabricate and test devices, circuits and systems at micro scale. The programme offers a set of courses that allow students to gain expertise in areas that include back-end and front-end microelectronic designs such as Processor & SoC Design, Chip Design, etc.

The programme of in MET provides an excellent platform for candidates who contemplate to take up research in future. The curriculum is divided into theory, laboratory practice, and projects. Along with the core courses, there are several elective courses, audit courses, project based learning courses and open electives. The Dissertation in the final year enables students to apply concepts and techniques learnt during the course. Keeping in view, latest market trends and needs, the core laboratories for VLSI design and simulation have been established to consider experimental understanding of the specialisation courses. The aim is to provide students with a broad base of education, and understanding about the semiconductor industry, enabling them lucrative opportunities in their future endeavors.

Key research areas:

  • Novel semiconductor devices like SOI-MOSFET, FinFET, T-FET, etc.
  • Solar cells
  • Devices/circuits modeling and simulation
  • Photonic crystal devices
  • Active building blocks and applications
  • Mixed signal CMOS temperature sensors
  • Design of neuromorphic circuits