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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida

Grant/Published Patents

S.No. List of grant / Published Patents Investigators Grant Patent Date
1. Thermally Stable Enzymes with Improved Biocatalytic Activity and A Process to Prepare the Same by Making Their Nanoparticles Sudha Srivastava, Shikha Sharma Granted Patent, date of publication 16/12/2011 Patent No. 309474
2. A System and Method for Real time Biometric Surveillance Monika Singh, Akshay Kumar Publication date 12/07/2019 No. 28/2019
3. An improved electrode for electrochemical device Rahul Saxena, Sudha Srivastava Publication date 04/10/2019 No. 40/2019
4. TV Distance Manager Ankit Jain, Satyasundara Mahapatra, Shamim Akhtar, Saurabh Chaturvedi, Ravi Kumar, Manish Kumar Publication date 17/05/2019 No. 20/2019
5. Methods for screening inhibitors for HCV Sanjay Gupta, Gaurav Kumar Lohiya, Vandana Gupta Publication date 10/05/2018 No. 40/2018
6. Machine Learning method for optimization of power management in Renewable and Non-renewable energy resources Chetan Jagannath Shelke, Dharmveer Singh Rajput, Korde Sachin Kacharu, Ajay B. Gadicha, Mani Mohan Trinath, Murali Anumothi, Udit Mamodiya, M. Kumudwathi, Pasuluru Bindu, S. K. Dhakad Publication date 30/08/2019 No. 35/2019
7. Gizmo Fitmate- The Personal Fitness Assistant Vijay Khare, Kanishk Mahor, Pankaj Garg, Manish Kumar Publication date 31/05/2019 No. 22/2019

Filed Patents

S.No. List of Filed Patents Investigators Patent Filed Date Date
1. Artificial Intelligent and IoT based Aquaponics System for Self- Sustainable farming. Dr. Anuja Arora, Anurag Singh Chaudhary Filed 201911049977/TEMP/E-1/52852/2019- DEL
2. Hand Gesture Explication and Lingual Extraction Nascent (HELEN). Dr. Himani Bansal,Priya Vajpeyi, Rishabh Singh Filed 201911047520/TEMP/E-1/50181/2019-DEL
3. Direction of arrival estimation using single sensor and reflector for acoustic pulse source. Dr. Kapil Dev Tyagi Filed 201911048307/TEMP/E-1/50968/2019- DEL
4. Biocatalyst with dioxygenase activity Dr. Samiya Khan, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Prof. Pammi Gauba Filed 201911051941TEMP/E-1/54946/2019- DEL
5. Synergistic effect of temozolomide and phytocompound in human glioblastomas multiforme cell lines. Reema Gabrani, Megha Gautam Filed 201911047575 TEMP/E-1/50391/2019-DEL
6. Capsaicin and Curcumin loaded nanoemulsion based gel for neuropathic pain management. Dr. Shweta Dang, Kuldeep Nigam Filed 201911047275 TEMP/E-1/49967/2019- DEL
7. Substrate Integrated Waveguide Yagi Array Antenna on Silicon Substrate. Arnab Chakraborty, Prof. Shweta Srivastava Filed 201911047519/TEMP/E-1/49990/2019-DEL
8. System and method for enhancing security of structure Shraddha Porwal, Sangeeta Mittal Filed but not published
9. Co-delivery of Baclofen &Lamotrigine via PLGA nanoparticles Dr. Shweta Dang Kuldeep Nigam Amit Tyagi Filed 202011001014/TEMP/E-1/964/2020-DEL